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Integrationism is a new development in the theory of communication that has far-reaching implications for many social, political, legal, philosophical and psychological issues of our time. It offers a radical departure from traditional Western assumptions about language and communication. More...


Call for papers

Philosophies of Communication: East and West

February 2-3, 2018
School of English, The University of Hong Kong

We invite you to submit your abstract (ca. 300 words) by December 15th, 2017.

Recent publications

There is also a free preview of the first couple of chapters of Critical Humanist Perspectives at Google Books.


2015 A. Pablé and C. Hutton, Signs, Meaning and Experience. Integrational Approaches to Linguistics and Semiotics
(= Semiotics, Communication and Cognition 15), Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter. xvii + 180pp. Also available at Amazon

2015 D. Bade, R. Harris, C. Conrad (Compilers) Roy Harris and Integrational Semiology 1956-2015: A bibliography

Most recent colloquium

The School of English, University of Hong Kong held the second International Colloquium on Integrational Linguistics entitled Language, Mind & Society: Semiological Perspectives at HKU on 2nd & 3rd December 2016. Details...

Most recent conference

Integrational Approaches to Teaching and Education

October 22- 25, 2015, in Dubai, UAE



Previous conference

Integrationism and Humanism

June 23-26, 2014

In recent years intellectuals and educators have called for a new humanism based on rationality, secularism, and scientific knowledge. The university curricula and schools thus conceived are to enable their students to become responsible citizens as well as independent critical thinkers.

This conference explored the (present-day) concept of humanism and its concomitant models of 'the human' from an integrational perspective.


Other publications

Linguistics Out of Bounds: Explorations in Integrational Linguistics in Honour of Roy Harris on his 80th Birthday
Language Sciences, Volume 33, Issue 4 (July 2011) Edited by David Bade and Adrian Pablé
35 short articles from many scholars on various aspects of Roy Harris’s work, including a survey of published reviews, and a Roy Harris bibliography for 1996-2010

Paperback edition of
Language Teaching: Integrational Linguistic Approaches
Routledge, New York (2009) Edited by Michael Toolan
This book demonstrates the relevance of an integrational linguistic perspective to a practical, real-world need, namely the learning of languages


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Other conferences

Integrationism 2.0
Special themes:
(1) Semantics for Robots: Utopian and Dystopian Visions in the Age of the ‘Language Machine’; (2) Semiology of Writing; (3) Supercategories and the Language Myth, University of Birmingham, July, 2011

Linguistic Theory in the 21st Century: Integrational Perspectives

Colloquium, The University of Hong Kong, May 2010